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Phase Guides

From Parenting Your New Baby to Parenting Your Twelfth Grader, these 18 guides will help you make the most of every stage in your child’s life. Discover what’s going to change about your child over the next 52 weeks, the 6 things your kid needs most, and the 4 conversations to have in this stage.

by Kristen Ivy and Reggie Joiner



The Myth of Balance

A simple four-word formula can prepare you for the unexpected (and not-so-unexpected) events that distract you at the most inconvenient moments. Slay the mythical beast of balance with this time-tested approach, and thrive in the tension of ministry, work, and life.

by Frank Bealer





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Brandon O’Dell: Movie Camera Repairman

Brandon O’Dell began his career behind the camera, literally. His first job out of college was repairing movie cameras. He’s not sure if that counts as a grown-up job or not. Brandon also knows a thing or two about performing in front of the camera. One of his...

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Gadgets & Gizmos

What if every kid in your ministry believed beyond a doubt that they were uniquely wired and wonderfully made by a great BIG God? What if they knew that God created them for relationship with Him and that they were made to love others? What if those same kids believed...

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The Art of Group Talk

It’s Sunday. The curriculum is prepped. The pencils are sharpened. The carpets are carefully placed, waiting for all the crazy that’s coming. What happens around those carpets has the potential to shape a child’s eternity. But then the kids actually arrive. And you...

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Afton Phillips: Folding T-shirts at GAP

Have you ever noticed the wall of stacked T-shirts at the Gap, where every single shirt is folded into the exact same perfectly sized square? If you were to walk into Afton Phillip’s closet, can you guess what you’d find? Okay, you probably wouldn’t find a perfectly...

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