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Married People

Married People

Authors: Ted Lowe, Doug Fields

Is marriage really the church’s business?

There’s no doubt marriage is messy and comes with plenty of baggage. But is a couple’s marriage really anyone’s business but their own? Of course. Marriage doesn’t affect just a husband and wife. It affects their kids, their community, even the health of the church—your church. When marriages are strong, attendance, tithing, volunteerism, even the quality of worship tends to go up. When marriages are weak, the opposite usually happens.

In Married People: How Your Church Can Build Marriages that Last, Ted Lowe and Doug Fields show how the church is uniquely positioned, despite being overcommitted in time and resources, to be in the “business” of building marriages. For every ministry leader—pastor, age group minister, family minister, even the dedicated volunteer—this book offers a vision and a step-by-step strategy for empowering marriages and strengthening the church in the process.


“Years ago, my wife and I had the great benefit of learning about how wonderful a marriage can be from Ted Lowe and the amazing events he produced. That he’s partnered with Doug Fields and created a book to help other marriages is absolutely awesome!”
—Jon Acuff, New York Times bestselling author of Start and Stuff Christians Like

“If you think marriage ministry is outdated, boring, preachy or feminine, then please read Married People. Ted Lowe and Doug Fields do a masterful job of crafting a relevant, fun and engaging marriage ministry strategy for the local church. I know of no other book like it. My hope is that churches will implement their approach and everyone will be FOR marriage.”
—Ted Cunningham, founding pastor, Woodland Hills Family Church, Branson, Missouri, and author of Fun Loving You and Trophy Child

“Every church is filled with couples struggling in their marriage. We want to help couples have an amazing marriage, but most of our time, resources, and energy are given as a reaction to marital crisis. What I love about Married People is the holistic vision it provides every church and pastor to gain influence with married people and create irresistible environments for them to grow in their love for God and each other. We can’t change a human heart, but we can provide the space and opportunities for God to transform married couples. This is a must-have resource for all churches.”
—Justin Davis, pastor, Cross Point Church, Nashville, Tennessee, and co-author of Beyond Ordinary: When a Good Marriage Just Isn’t Good Enough

“As culture shifts and marriages continue to struggle, the church at large is desperate to find its voice in engaging, equipping and empowering today’s marriages. Married People: How Your Church Can Build Marriages that Last gives words to start conversations and reignite passion within the church to be a voice for this generation and generations to
—Trisha Davis, co-author of Beyond Ordinary: When a Good Marriage Just Isn’t Good Enough and co-founder, RefineUs Ministries

“Wow, I hope every church leader in America reads this important and helpful book. Marriage ministry in the church is one of those unusual areas where setting up just a few strategic things can make a big difference in the lives of those in the congregation. But church leaders are often so stretched, much of our ministry to marriages realistically ends up happening when trouble hits. Ted and Doug’s book gives church leaders a vision and simple options for creating an ongoing marriage ministry structure that will prevent much of that trouble to begin with! I am excited to see this resource and know that every church implementing these well-thought-out and easy-to-use ideas will see a great blessing on marriages!
—Shaunti Feldhahn, social researcher, speaker, and author of For Women Only, For Men Only, and The Good News About Marriage

“In the 10 years that I’ve known Ted Lowe, I’ve never met anyone who thinks about how to empower churches in their marriage ministries more than he does. Big or small, thriving or striving, Ted wants every church to have a comprehensive marriage strategy. His goal at the end of the day is for families to be stronger because Mom and Dad are deeply in love and committed to serving each other well.”
—Jána Guynn, multi-campus director of MarriedLife, North Point Community Church

“Ted and Doug provide a refreshing mix of theory, personal stories, humour and hyper-practical implementation tips. Plus, they get men. I can’t wait to see this book unleashed on leaders and the church.”
—Carey Nieuwhof, lead pastor, Connexus Church, Toronto

Every leader I know wants to better love and serve marriages. Finally a book that gives leaders the road map and practical tools they need to make a lifelong difference in couples and families.”
—Kara Powell, executive director, Fuller Youth Institute

17.99, print; $9.99, ebook
  • Ted Lowe

    Ted Lowe

    Ted Lowe is a speaker, a blogger, and the founder of MarriedPeople (, the marriage division of Orange (, a company devoted to influencing the next generation. After serving as the director of MarriedLife at North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia, Ted joined the Orange team to create MarriedPeople. The mission of MarriedPeople is to help churches help marriages by giving them a proactive strategy and the resources to empower that strategy.

    Ted is a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary, in Pasadena, California. He lives in Cumming, Georgia, with his four favorite people: his wife, Nancie, and their three children. For more information about Ted and MarriedPeople, visit or join them on Facebook at or Twitter @Married_People.

  • Doug Fields

    Doug Fields

    Doug Fields is the executive director for the HomeWord Center for Youth and Family at Azusa Pacific University ( He’s an award-winning author of more than 50 books, including 7 Ways to Be Her Hero, Refuel, and Getting Ready for Marriage. He’s the co-founder of and is in constant demand as a speaker and ministry consultant. He has also served on staff at two incredible churches in Southern California for a combined 30 years (Mariners Church and Saddleback Church).

    He is happily married to his wife of 30 years, Cathy, and they are parents of three young adults: Torie, Cody, and Cassie. More information about Doug is available at