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Not Normal

Not Normal

Authors: Sue Miller, Adam Duckworth

Volunteering is special and extraordinary. Yet the idea of giving time to a cause that is bigger than ourselves, for no monetary reward, may be new and strange to many people.

Not Normal: Seven Quirks of Incredible Volunteers is for every volunteer as well as the leader whose job it is to find and keep great volunteers. It explores seven characteristics—quirks—that make volunteering at church a unique and fulfilling experience:

  1. Why not normal volunteers feel compelled to take that first step
  2. Why they behave like small is actually big
  3. Why they “own” instead of “rent”
  4. Why they are more about “we” than “me”
  5. Why they honor the leader
  6. Why they are always looking for a way out
  7. Why they dream big but understand reality

In Not Normal, Sue Miller and Adam Duckworth help volunteers find their volunteering voices and become not normal in their own unique ways.

Not Normal is the companion volume to Leading Not Normal Volunteers, written especially for leaders.

16.99, print; $9.99 digital
  • Sue Miller

    Sue Miller

    Sue Miller is a teacher, leader, speaker, and author with a passion for bringing out the best in volunteers. Much of that passion developed over the 17 years she served as children’s ministry director at Willow Creek Community Church near Chicago, Illinois. Her ongoing challenge was to figure out how to recruit, grow, and keep a fantastic team of volunteers that could influence the faith of the 3,000 kids that attended each weekend. She also served on the senior management team under the leadership of pastor Bill Hybels, a champion of volunteerism.

    In 2005, Sue joined Orange and has been thinking Orange from head to toe when it comes to church strategy.

    When not working, Sue lives with her handsome husband, Rick, in a fixer-upper house in Atlanta, Georgia. She does life with her two favorite adult kids, one amazing son-in-law, a mischievous black mini schnauzer, and two of the most incredible grandsons on the planet. You can follow Sue @SueMiller01.

  • Adam Duckworth

    Adam Duckworth

    Adam Duckworth is the lead communicator at Downtown Harbor Church, a forward-thinking downtown church committed to reaching families and embracing culture in its community. Downtown Harbor Church is at the center of South Florida’s fastest-growing business, entertainment, and residential corridor, midway between Miami and Palm
    Beach. Members of the church come from more than 70 different nations.

    In his previous work (most recently at First Fort Lauderdale), Adam revolutionized the volunteer culture by creating opportunities for volunteers to serve, leading them toward a common goal, and leveraging the influence of the next generation to volunteer as well.

    In addition to his work at Downtown Harbor Church, Adam leads conferences for volunteers and serves as a communicator at Orange.

    Adam attended the University of Toledo, where he completed degrees in both education and English. He lives a block from the beach in Fort Lauderdale with his wife, Katelyn, and their petite goldendoodle, Dottie. For more information about Adam, follow him on Twitter @adam_duckworth.