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Stand Up

Stand Up

Authors: Dan Scott, Elizabeth Hansen


It’s about standing up for what’s right, even when others don’t. It’s also about taking your place in God’s story.

Stand Up—Get in the Story (Dan Scott, Elizabeth Hansen, authors) is an eight-week, interactive journal that helps kids understand what God says about conviction. At the beginning of each week, they’ll read about one of the many people from the Bible who got into God’s story by standing up for what’s right. Then, each day’s devotional thought or activity helps kids discover ways they can stand up and get in the story.

Stand Up is part of the 252 Devotional Series, interactive devotional books for elementary-age children. Based on Luke 2:52, these devotionals are designed to help kids grow in wisdom, faith, and friendship.

  • Dan Scott

    Dan Scott

    Dan Scott has been working with kids for over 20 years as a camp director, teacher, pastor, and communicator. Before coming to Orange, Dan implemented 252 Basics for eight years as an elementary pastor. He is currently the groups director for 252 Basics, helping lead the creative team that writes this curriculum for elementary children.

    Dan and his wife, Jenna, have four kids, Liam, Elli, Addi, and Taye, who keep them very busy and completely up to date with all things in the elementary and middle school worlds. To find out more about Dan, you can follow him on Twitter ( @danscott77 ) or Instagram ( @danscott77 ).

  • Elizabeth Hansen

    Elizabeth Hansen

    Elizabeth Hansen has worked as a script writer and story developer for Orange since 2011. She holds an MFA in screenwriting from Regent University and currently wears hats in both the 252 Basics and First Look worlds, writing for 252 Story, Get Reel, Studio Live, FX, Wonder, and more.

    Elizabeth and her husband, David, write and produce films through their company, Arclight Studios. They have one son and live in Canton, Georgia.