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The Christmas Story

The Christmas Story

Authors: Autumn Ward, Joseph Goode

The Christmas story is the best news any child will ever hear. Told through a rhyme that engages toddlers and preschoolers alike, The Christmas Story is one children will ask to hear again and again.

This full-color, 12-page rhyming storybook is an awesome addition to any preschool room—at church or at home. Printed on thick paperboard, this beautiful 5-by-5-inch book is durable enough for the youngest child.

The Christmas Story (written by Autumn Ward, illustrated by Joseph Goode) is part of the First Look Devotional Series, a collection of books designed to give young children a first impression of their heavenly Father.

  • Autumn Ward

    Autumn Ward

    Autumn Ward is a writer of First Look preschool curriculum as well as the Creative Director for Parent Cue Initiatives for GoWeekly at Orange. She uses her degree in education and over a decade of preschool ministry experience to help create moments that introduce children to the God who made them and loves them. Some of her favorite memories are of reading books to her children and watching them respond to the words and pictures.

    She is the author of The Creation Story, The Christmas Story, and The Easter Story, from the First Look Devotional Series.

    Autumn and her husband, Chad, live near Atlanta, Georgia, with their three children, Joseph, Sarah, and Anna. For more information about Autumn, follow her on Twitter @autumnrebekah.

  • Joseph Goode

    Joseph Goode

    Joseph Goode is an illustrator, sequential artist, and musician who loves the stories of the Bible. It is his lifelong mission to create visually exciting art that amplifies the details of the biblical accounts. Joseph is a husband and dad of three, currently living in Atlanta.

    Joe is the illustrator of The Creation Story, The Christmas Story ,and The Easter Story, from the First Look Devotional Series.