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Where in the World: A 9-Week Devotional for Kids

Where in the World: A 9-Week Devotional for Kids

Authors: Holly Crawshaw, Jacob Hunt

Where in the World (written by Holly Crawshaw, illustrated by Jacob Hunt) is a nine-week, interactive journal that helps kids understand what God says about Jesus and our faith in Him. Weekly stories reveal who Jesus is and why He came, through the lens of the life and ministry of Paul. Daily activities help kids discover how Jesus’ story can change their story.

Where in the World is part of the 252 Devotional Series, interactive devotional books for elementary-age children. Based on Luke 2:52, these devotionals are designed to help kids grow in wisdom, faith, and friendship.


“We got the book about a week ago and my daughter loves it! The first day we sat down, read the intro and day 1, and she asked to do more! As a parent, it also makes me think about things that as adults we often forget about—like that Jesus was a kid that experienced the same emotions we did, and it’s okay not to have all the answers. Sometimes a good kick-start to faith is to look at it through the eyes of a child!”—Becky Peluszak, Director of Communications & Brand Management, Epic Church, mother of two

“I recently bought Where in the World devotional book for my seven- and eight-year-old daughters. They are loving working through it. The author has a great way of connecting with kids. I’ve heard them laugh out loud while reading and have also had them ask me some great questions as a result of what they are learning. I love that it reaches different learning styles, but mostly I love that my kids have their own way of studying the Bible and learning more about what God has in store for their lives! I highly recommend this devotional book and hope another one comes out soon!”—Emily Knox, Upstreet Coordinator, Browns Bridge Community Church, mother of four

“I am a children’s director (so I love Where in the World for that reason), but I also am honored to be a mama to three kiddos. My 10-year-old twin daughters have done every page so far as we go along the weeks. They LOVE it!! One asked me the other night if it was written for ‘older’ kids, because she loves how the author speaks to her. The other told me it’s one of her favorite things to do. They have both asked if there will be another one … when school starts. They love Jesus, they love their small group … and this is just like the icing on the cake. My heart bursts when I see them propped up in bed with their Bibles open and pencils writing in their devo.”—Allison, children’s director and mother of three

  • Holly Crawshaw

    Holly Crawshaw

    Holly Crawshaw has been writing for The reThink Group since 2006, primarily with 252 Basics, First Look, and the Parent CUE blog. Holly has taught high school English, worked in middle school ministry, and served as the director of Waumba Land, the preschool ministry at Browns Bridge Community Church (part of North Point Ministries). Holly and her husband live in their hometown of Cumming, Georgia, with their two daughters and two cats, Lilah, Esmae, Cupcake, and Muffin. You can decide which name belongs to which species.

    Keep up with Holly on Instagram: (@HollyLaurenWrites, writing projects) or (@HollyCrawshaw, copious photos of her kids).

  • Jacob Hunt

    Jacob Hunt

    Jacob Hunt is a freelance illustrator, cartoonist, and graphic designer working from his cozy neighborhood west of midtown Atlanta. He holds an MFA in sequential art from SCAD-Atlanta. Jacob’s diverse past gigs include character design for Verizon, graffiti for Oprah Winfrey, and comic strips for a local magazine. Currently, Jacob is developing a graphic novel and finishing tracks for the debut album of his rock band.