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Your Best Us: Marriage Is Easier Than You Think

Your Best Us: Marriage Is Easier Than You Think

Authors: Ted Lowe

How’s your US?

You and your spouse are unique. There has never been another “us” just like the two of you. You may be thinking, Ah, we are like a marital snowflake; how romantic. Or maybe you’re thinking, Thank God there isn’t another couple like us, because we are a hot mess!

No matter where you currently find your US, you can experience more moments of awesome and fewer moments of awful. And it’s easier than you think. Your US can become more. Not some cookie cutter, cloned version of someone else’s marriage, but the best version of your US.

Through humor, transparency, biblical wisdom, research, and a massive amount of practicality, Ted Lowe guides you through four, doable, easy-to-understand habits that will help you become your best us.

Your Best Us is for anyone who wants a better marriage but feels overwhelmed by too many marriage books, blogs, and experts, especially those that make marriage harder than it has to be.


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  • Ted Lowe

    Ted Lowe

    Ted Lowe is a speaker, a blogger, and the founder of MarriedPeople (, the marriage division of Orange (, a company devoted to influencing the next generation. After serving as the director of MarriedLife at North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia, Ted joined the Orange team to create MarriedPeople. The mission of MarriedPeople is to help churches help marriages by giving them a proactive strategy and the resources to empower that strategy.

    Ted is a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary, in Pasadena, California. He lives in Cumming, Georgia, with his four favorite people: his wife, Nancie, and their three children. For more information about Ted and MarriedPeople, visit or join them on Facebook at or Twitter @Married_People.