From birth to twelve months—the phase when nobody sleeps, everybody smells, and one mesmerizing baby convinces you, “I need you now.”

Parents of newborns and babies find sleep hard to come by and are surrounded by more messes than they ever imagined possible. Despite that, they might be in one of the best phases of their child’s life.

In this short volume, Kristen Ivy and Reggie Joiner simplify what parents of babies need to know so they can make the most of the present realities, the distinctive opportunities, and the future implications of the next 52 weeks.

Zero to One is part of The Phase Project, a synthesis of real-life parent experiences, academic research, and gatherings of leaders and educational experts from across the ministry and child development spectrum.

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“We all know where we want to end up in our parenting, but how to get there can seem like an unsolved mystery. Through the It’s Just a Phase series, Reggie Joiner and Kristen Ivy team up to help us out. The result is a resource that guides us through the different seasons of raising children, and provides a road map to parenting in such a way that we finish up with very few regrets.”

Sandra Stanley, foster care advocate, blogger, wife of Andy Stanley, mother of three

“Not only is the It’s Just a Phase series of books the most creative and well-thought-out guide to parenting I have ever encountered, these books are ESSENTIAL to my daily parenting. With a 13-year-old, 11-year-old, and 9-year-old at home, I am swimming in their wake of daily drama and delicacy. These books are a reminder to enjoy every second. Because it’s just a phase.”

Carlos Whittaker, author, speaker, father of three


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Lauren Terrell


Reggie Joiner is the founder and CEO of Orange, an organization designed to redefine ministry approaches for churches and family environments. For nearly 40 years, he’s mentored teachers and leaders who influence the next generation. Reggie and his wife, Debbie, have raised four kids into adulthood.

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Lauren Terrell


Kristen Ivy is executive director of The Phase Project (a collaborative, ongoing effort to assemble classic and innovative research about child development with an emphasis on practical application). Kristen blends a background in child development with a master of divinity and over 15 years of leading children and students. She and her husband, Matt, have three children in the preschool and elementary phases.

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