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The Orange Leaders Audio Blog

The Orange Leaders Audio Blog helps family, student, and children’s ministry leaders influence the faith and character of kids and teenagers. Five days a week, Monday through Friday, we will share the best strategies, tips, and ideas from the Orange Leaders online blog. Each episode will cover relevant family ministry topics with posts from leaders like Reggie Joiner, Carey Nieuwhof, Kristen Ivy, Adam Duckworth, Sue Miller, Mike Clear, Jim Wideman, Dan Scott, Meaghan Wall, Frank Bealer, Dr. Jim Burns, Yancy Richmond, Nick Blevins, Brooklyn Lindsey, Geoff Surratt, and Kenny Conley.

Each guest contributor is an Orange Leader—someone who passionately engages both the church and families to influence the next generation. If that’s you, you are part of an incredible, global community helping kids have a better future. We are for you and the development of your leadership in ministry. For additional resources and episode transcripts, visit the Orange Leaders Audio Blog.

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