What if you invite a generation of kids to make waves? What if, every time kids go for a swim, splash through a puddle, or jump in the water, they remember they were created for a reason? Not just to play in the water, but to make the kind of waves that produce a positive difference in this world.

That’s why God made each of us in His image: to imagine, dream, think, and change things. That’s also why God gave us His Spirit: to work in us and through us to change the world around us.

Every kid in your ministry – in your community – needs to understand that the God who made the oceans made them and that He is working in their lives to bring about good things. Where there is sadness, they can make waves of joy. Where there is fear, they can respond with resilience. When others are selfish or insecure, their humility and confidence can have a constructive ripple effect on the people around them.

This interactive devotional by Kellen Moore (from the popular YouTube channel The So & So Show), written to and for kids about the fruit of God’s Spirit, includes…

  • 9 weeks of engaging activities (with something fun to do on almost every page)
  • 4 days of devotions for each week
  • A hands-on challenge to put the key principles from the week into practice

Make Waves can be used at any time of the year, by any church or kid. It also aligns with 252 Kids and Preteen curriculum and Orange VBS for Summer 2022. It’s a great choice for new Christians, for send-home gifts from VBS, and as a tool for connecting with kids and parents this summer.

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Kellen Moore is a nationally known speaker and leader, but most kids know him from the award-winning YouTube sensation, The So & So Show. He’s from California, super-tall, immediately recognizable, and totally relatable. When he’s not making waves like the ones he talks about in this book, he and his wife, Katie, are making life one big dance party.

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