Little Tinket Potten was having a great day … until she found herself stuck inside a cravat.

SPOILER ALERT: This isn’t really a kid’s book. But it is a book for kids because it’s written about two groups of people who care the most about kids: Skeeples and Lomes.

Skeeples live to shine the light of truth into dark places. Skeeples are professionals at balancing grace with truth in a way that few people truly understand.

Lomes are the world champions of unconditional love. They risk anything, go anywhere, and fight longer for a child’s heart than anyone. Unfortunately, Skeeples and Lomes don’t always get along. Will they be able to work together when Tinket finds herself in an evil cave filled with goo?

Skeeples N Lomes! is a parable that explains how leaders and parents must work together to influence the next generation.

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A preview of Skeeples N Lomes!


“As a mom and a ministry leader, I know how crucial it is for my preschooler to understand the basic truth that ‘God made me.’ The Creation Story tells the story of the whole of creation in a fun rhyme and beautiful illustrations all the while reminding preschoolers they are God’s greatest, most important creation. This book is a must have for me in my small groups and in my home!”

—Kelly Stockdale, Family Director, The Hill

“What a great book for introducing children to the story of creation—they will want to read it over and over it again! It’s captivating, fun to chant aloud, and a great way to begin reading God’s Word with any age.”

—Lauren Bowman, writer and mother of five


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Lauren Terrell


Gregory Payne wrote, directed, and produced a multimedia weekly environment aimed at young families for seven years at North Point Community Church. He now serves as a creative director for The reThink Group. His wife, Lynn, and two teenage daughters always make the coffee taste better and the ride home worthwhile.

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Brian Bascle is an illustrator, cartoonist, graphic designer, and voice actor. He has worked with Orange since 2007 and creates art and graphics for the 252 Kids and 252 Preteen curriculum and is an illustrator and storyteller for 252 Story. When he's not drawing pictures, cooking up graphics, or telling stories, Brian performs voiceovers for commercials, corporate videos, audiobooks, and automated telephone systems. He also acts on stage and screen when he can.

Brian is an Atlanta native living in Roswell, Georgia, with his wife, Jane, and their two kids, Mike and Teresa, one dog, two cats, and way too many squirrels in the backyard.


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