Parents have approximately 936 weeks from the time their child is born until he or she graduates from high school. That time goes by fast. And the responsibility to shape a child’s faith and character can seem overwhelming.

But there is something parents can do. They can make this week count. And then do it again, and again.

In Don’t Miss It, authors Reggie Joiner and Kristen Ivy help parents discover that what they understand about their kids now has the potential to change their kids’ future. If parents don’t miss what’s happening during this phase of their kids’ lives, then maybe kids won’t miss some important things they need to know about life. That’s why what parents do this week matters.

It’s just a phase. And none of us want to miss it.

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“One thing I love about this book is that it meets parents right where they are at. Even the busiest parent can gain wise advice just by reading through the left pages in the book. I love how the left pages are fun and easy to read. If a parent has more time and wants to further read on that advice they can move over the the right pages. The wisdom in this book is wonderful and the layout is perfect for parents who may just have a few seconds to look at it at a time … I would happily pass it on to others!”

Kristen Morris, Amazon customer

“If you are a parent, don’t miss reading this book. It will change how you see the potential of your kids forever. It could also change how you parent this week.”

Jon AcuffNew York Times bestselling author


Lauren Terrell


Reggie Joiner is the founder and CEO of Orange, an organization designed to redefine ministry approaches for churches and family environments. For nearly 40 years, he’s mentored teachers and leaders who influence the next generation. Reggie and his wife, Debbie, have raised four kids into adulthood.

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Lauren Terrell


Kristen Ivy is the president of Orange and a co-founder of The Phase Project. Kristen blends a background in child development with a master of divinity and over 15 years of leading children and students. She and her husband, Matt, have three children in the elementary and middle school phases.

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