In high school, life changes FAST.

From new relationships to new academic requirements, high schoolers can feel like they are constantly wondering, “What if ___ happens?” or “What if___?” In fact, that’s why we created this journal—so every high schooler has a place to think, pray, and process when life is changing around them.

As they do, we hope they’ll discover a few things that never change, like how God is with them, God is bigger than their fear, and God can even use change to make them stronger.

Best of all, while this journal flows seamlessly with the series “Even If” from XP3 High School, it can also be used as a standalone experience for any high schooler, and it pairs well with the middle school edition of this journal, called Into the Unknown.

In this journal, students will find…

  • 4 weeks of devotionals
  • 7 days of interactive, directly applicable content for each week
  • An engaging intro for each week, designed to pull readers in immediately and help them self-evaluate

Whether you’re a parent, a small group leader, or a youth pastor, Even If makes a great gift for the high schoolers you love so they can be reminded God is with them as they navigate change, even if…

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